Saturday, November 23, 2002

Filtering Software Just Won't Work
People generally can agree there are some web sites that children just shouldn't see. In fact, I would be a happier person today if I never saw a few sites. So the congress in its infinite(simal) wisdom has decided that all libraries should use filtering software. This is good in theory, but filtering software just does not work. Remember the case of Dick Armey (R Texas) whose web site was banned because his name resembled a male appendage? In an equally absurd case, a library has banned their own web site.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Better Breathe Now - While You Can

The White House, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that by loosening clean air standards, they can get manufacturing plants to produce less emissions in the long run. I am going to follow the White House's example. I know if I tell my children that they can decide what time they go to bed then they will start going to bed earlier and earlier. In fact, I predict in a few months they will be going to bed right after dinner, without asking for dessert.
Large Families - Cruel to the Children?

Before I start, I would like to convey my sympathies to Kevin Kelly in the death of his daughter. Mr. Kelly's 21 month old daughter died in the culmination of accidents involving Mr. Kelly's 13 children. You heard me right, 13 children. I have long believed that once parents had over a certain number of kids, they lost the ability to effectively care for them unless they had a committee helping out with the chores. Unfortunately Mr. Kelly helps to prove my point. Some of the accidents include the time one of the toddlers got out of the house and headed for the street. The child was not stopped by a family member, but a passing police officer. Another incident happened when Mr. Kelly went to the video store with 4 of his kids. He returned home with only three. The disturbing part is that he never noticed. Employees of the video store saw the lone three year old in the store and tracked down the parents from store records. The last accident happened when Mr. Kelly left his 21-month-old in the car after returning from an errand. Seven hours after the child was left, strapped into her car seat, a neighbor found her dead from hyperthermia. The point is, Mr. Kelly never noticed she was missing. I am not dredging this up to vilify Mr. Kelly because I don't think that he is a bad person. It just seems that having 13 kids is too much for someone in our society where the caregivers consist largely of two parents without the benefit of an extended family.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The Fox is Guarding the Hen House

Are you eating cow feces? You might be surprised. The federal government shut down the ConAgra beef plant after finding cow carcases smeared with feces. The real problem is it took 19 warnings to do it. After finding the meat contaminated with feces 19 times, they decided to close the plant down. Last summer, the plant was found to have beef that contained E. coli, but the USDA waited 10 days to notify the plant. If I believed conspiricy theories, I might think that the delay came because a former mucky-muck for ConAgra is now a higher up in Bush's administration.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Farmers Ruin Land, Demand We Fix It

In 1940, Arkansas rice farmers (Free Reg Required) found out that the aquifer where they were getting their water would run out if they continued to consume it at the same rate. Rather than switching to a crop that required less water or finding a way to ration the 50 inches of rain water they get, these farmers are demanding we pay millions of dollars to divert water from a nearby river. What happens when the river does not provide adequate water? This is not the free market at work. Bring back capitalism!